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Frequently Asked Questions

Q | Dude, do your guest rooms have beds?
A | Yes! But you’re welcome to sleep on the floor or crash on the couch. If you can make it a few extra steps, you can even sleep in a super cozy king-sized bed. Other rooms come with two queen beds. The mattress, sheets, and pillows are also included, FREE of charge. Unless you want to pay extra for those? We won’t stop you.

Q | So, what are the bathrooms like?
A | All guest rooms have a private bathroom, so no need to share with the neighbors down the hall. The sink drains, the toilet comes in handy and the water pressure in the shower is pretty phenomenal after a long day at the beach. In your private bathroom you’ll also find FREE towels, washcloths, even toilet paper and soap! We really know how to roll out the red carpet while you sit on the royal throne.

Q | Wow! Can I have my own personal maid too?
A | Well, not exactly, but we do throw in daily housekeeping to clean up your mess. We appreciate that you keep it to a minimum, but let’s be real. You’ll probably drag in half the beach each time you come back from the sand.

Q | Great! What will my view be like?
A | Every room has a view. But, the actual view may vary depending how much you are willing pony up... so it’s entirely up to you.

Q | Do you have air conditioning?
A | Yes! We are in South Florida... and although we are somewhat savage, we’re not crazy! Sheesh. Give us some credit.

Q | Do the guest rooms come with kitchens so I can cook my own food?
A | Yes, some of the Bungalow rooms have kitchenettes to cook, but would you want to?! You’re on vacation and the most incredible food can be found on-site or within walking, skating or cycling distance from your doorstep.

Q | I heard that the rooms have chalkboards? That’s random.
A | Random indeed and the rumors are true. However, we do not provide the chalk and have a strict BYOC (Bring Your Own Chalk) policy. We’re glad you find the humor in this arbitrary amenity, too. You never know when you’ll have that "aha!" moment!

Q | How can I access my guest room?
A | If you stay on the first floor, you’ll have a front door and a back door. (Insert gasps here!) Please don’t climb in through the windows. You’re free to enter/exit through either door, and dual access also comes in handy for pizza deliveries and late night rendezvous... the possibilities are almost endless.

Q | Do you have TVs in each room?
A | Yes! All rooms have beautiful HD Samsung 50" LED TVs – so you don’t need to leave your room. EVER. But we hope you’ll get out and enjoy some sunshine during the day too.

Q | Do you offer smoking rooms?
A | No. Plunge is a non-smoking resort, but designated smoking areas are "conveniently" located just seven miles north of us along the A1A. We have come a long way since the 70s.

Q | Do you have Wi-Fi?
A | Yes! No need to worry about SMSA (aka social media separation anxiety). Plus, we know you’ll take some Instagram-worthy snapshots while you’re here that need to be shared ASAP.

Q | Can I have packages delivered to Plunge?
A | Yes! However, there will be a $5 per box charge for any package received that is larger than 8.5 x 11 standard envelope size. Pallets are not permitted. Guests must have a reservation with the name matching the delivery address or the package will be refused. Packages not claimed following departure will be returned to the sender or discarded within 14 days if unable to be returned. 

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