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Unlock Mysteries at Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

But Florida’s breathtaking coast is also home to the ancient Florida Reef, an underwater coral formation lining the Eastern Coast. As beautiful as the reef is to dive and snorkel, it’s also treacherous to passing ships. The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse has long stood watch over the majestic shoreline, guiding ships to safety.

During its time, the lighthouse has been the site of underdog tales, a slew of unexplained mysteries involving fires and German U-Boats, weathered powerful storms, and served as a beacon of neighborly engagement for the Hillsboro community. Today, guests can visit the Hillsboro Lighthouse (including the inside, all the way to the top) and uncover these mysteries for themselves. Meet your guide at Sands Harbor Boat Dock and cast off into an adventure.

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