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airboat with tourists in everglades

Have a Swamp Safari Adventure

For more than fifteen years, guests have come to explore the vast kingdom of nature at this 2,200-acre eco-heritage wildlife park preserved by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Go the classic tourist route with a thrilling airboat ride through the waterways of wetlands or find your pace with the slower and less intense swamp buggy, putting you high above the marshy prairie edge. Once your tour concludes, take the time to watch our exciting critter, snake, and alligator shows where you can meet the animals up close and learn about the role they play in the wilderness. Once you're finished with the tour, stop by the Swamp Water Cafe and feed your cravings for alligator tail, frog legs, and other South Florida delicacies. For more information, visit Billie’s website here.

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