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Dive the Shipwreck Snorkel Trail

Our coastal home is positively teeming with famous underwater sites, the best of which is the Shipwreck Snorkel Trail. The trail is a natural reef system located about a hundred yards off the shore. It has long been the most visited dive site in the area and is also known for its unbeatable visibility and plethora of marine life. Lobster, along with nurse sharks, sea turtles, parrotfish, and stingrays frequent the area. Fishing is also allowed along the trail. 

Embedded in the reef are five cannons, a ballast pile, and an anchor, all remnants from the days pirates ruled the high seas. The depth ranges between twelve and sixteen feet, making the site perfect for those who prefer to snorkel or free-dive. No matter your preference, an underwater adventure is waiting beneath the sea.

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