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Tucked along South Florida’s fabled A1A in Lauderdale by the Sea, Plunge Beach Hotel is a laid-back, low-key retreat for beach lovers and bohemians in search of an edgy, off-the-radar getaway. Catering to today’s creative class, this oceanfront hideaway shuns corporate conformity in favor of a brilliantly offbeat approach to food, fun, music, technology, recreation and guest rooms. All in a world-class location that celebrates the timeless traditions of the Great American Beach Town.

Sometimes the sunrise marks the beginning of my day, sometimes the end of my night. Either way, I'm always glad to catch it. 📷: @adam_keelan
These beginning stages of an adventure––the planning and daydreaming, letting your imagination run wild––are some of my favorite moments. #TakeThePlunge 📷: @dotraveler
There are days when I simply refuse to leave the beach before the sun goes down. I just can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be. 📷: @wanderlust_by_2
Here is the perfect example of why I travel without a set schedule. I looked up this morning, and decided I haven't had enough of this view yet. Another day or two it is. #TakeThePlunge 📷: @michaelcolonia
Take the hint. Take the Plunge.
Yet another picture perfect day. It could be the 4th in a row, it could be the 10th. I've already lost count. #TakeThePlunge 📷: @v1rginie