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Tucked along South Florida’s fabled A1A in Lauderdale by the Sea, the Plunge Beach Hotel is a laid-back, low-key retreat for beach lovers and bohemians in search of an edgy, off-the-radar getaway. Catering to today’s creative class, this oceanfront hideaway shuns corporate conformity in favor of a brilliantly offbeat approach to food, fun, music, technology, recreation and guest rooms. All in a world-class location that celebrates the timeless traditions of the Great American Beach Town.

Sun's up. Let the games begin.
Polaroids or film over digital photos, a physical map over my phone's GPS, paperback and hardcover books over an e-reader. In a time when things are becoming more and more digitized, I like to keep my travel analog.
I've been eating all of the fresh seafood I can get my hands on. It's something of an unwritten rule when passing through South Florida. #MorePlease 📷: @foodie_diva22
When you grow up in a landlocked state, you remember your first trip to the beach vividly. The feeling of the soft warm sand between your toes and the sound of the palm trees swaying overhead. Years later, I still feel the same childhood wonder and this time, I get to decide when it's time to leave.
There's no such thing as a quick trip to the beach. You can try for it, but as any good Floridian knows, it's unlikely. Somehow that spontaneous, last minute, quick dip has a way of turning into an entire afternoon.
I love finding really unique local spots. I'm always trying to avoid the big chains and look for places with character, the kind you won't find in any guidebook. #TiniestCoffeeEver