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Tucked along South Florida’s fabled A1A in Lauderdale by the Sea, Plunge Beach Hotel is a laid-back, low-key retreat for beach lovers and bohemians in search of an edgy, off-the-radar getaway. Catering to today’s creative class, this oceanfront hideaway shuns corporate conformity in favor of a brilliantly offbeat approach to food, fun, music, technology, recreation and guest rooms. All in a world-class location that celebrates the timeless traditions of the Great American Beach Town.

I've been relying on a different set of wheels recently. #🚲 📷: @moran2118
I quickly learned not to leave home without my bathing suit. Here, lunch dates tend to spontaneously become beach days. #LifeOnTheBeach 📷: @jacaleeena
No matter where the day takes me, I always end up at the water. #TakeThePlunge
The end of the road. 📷: @leapole
Sun's up. Let the games begin.
Polaroids or film over digital photos, a physical map over my phone's GPS, paperback and hardcover books over an e-reader. In a time when things are becoming more and more digitized, I like to keep my travel analog.